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At eqHR, we offer webinars for businesses across the state and the globe. We also offer on-site classes within the Los Angeles, Orange, and San Diego Counties. Our custom training classes are offered in English and Spanish. Here are some of the training options we offer:
  • California Required Sexual Harassment Prevention Training for Supervisors and Staff. As the name implies, this class is mandated by the state of California. We developed this program in accordance with California SB 1343 requirements, and our classes are available in English and Spanish for supervisor and staff training.
  • HR 101 for Managers. They say that employees don’t leave jobs; they leave bad managers. In many cases, poor management is the result of a lack of training. The skillset that a manager needs is entirely different from the skills that serve them well as an independent employee, and most people are not born knowing how to manage. Offering further development opportunities for your manager can improve the company culture and make them much more successful in their current and future positions.
  • Identifying Workplace Bias. Course for managers, supervisors, and employees on workplace bias can help improve communication among staff and reduce the issues that can arise between coworkers.
  • Hiring the Right Employee. Hiring managers have a difficult job because the right employee can make or break a team. Each employee adds their influence on company culture, and the choice can either negatively or positively impact productivity. Offering training options so that hiring managers can more readily identify strong candidates can improve the process for years to come.
  • Custom Training. At eqHR, we work with our clients to develop custom training opportunities that fully meet their needs. These might include issues that the company culture is facing, new skills training initiatives, or any training that impacts individual employees and/or management.
If you’re looking for advanced training and development opportunities for your staff or have questions about training to maintain compliance, contact us today.

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