• Reduce Labor Expenses
  • Reduce Payroll Errors
  • Provide Superior Payroll Knowledge & Expertise
  • Improved Knowledge via Custom Reporting

When your business requires temporary or long-term payroll processing services outsources, let our payroll experts be your solution. We are a boutique consulting firm specializing in building a long-term relationship with small to medium size businesses and welcome all payroll projects, small to large.

Our Orange County payroll processing and report management consultants are experienced with ADP, Paychex, Ultipro, Paycom, Paylocity and Quickbooks payroll software.

The payroll software leader, ADP, designated eqHR Solutions as a preferred ADP product training and implementation vendor.

Have you read the ADP report, In-house vs. Outsourced Payroll Processing – Separating Fact from Fiction? It highlighted that on average, companies who outsourced their payroll function saved 18% in total cost of operations. ADP identified companies as “best in breed” who outsourced multiple functional tasks, such as Payroll and Human Resources.

Do you allocate more than 1/4 FTE (full time employee) for payroll processing? Do you employ less than 300 employees?

If you answered yes, outsourcing your payroll will benefit your company with reduced labor cost and the knowledge that our Orange County payroll processing and report management experts have the skills to resolve any payroll question.

Our clients’ business types are varied, ranging from banking, financial, manufacturing and technology, with both exempt and non-exempt and employee ranging from 20 to 200+.

We quickly provide interim payroll managers support for businesses where the payroll manager suddenly leaves or when the payroll manager is on a temporary leave. Your pre-planning ensures no payroll interruption of service.

Accuracy – Cost – Compliance – Reporting

Payroll errors do not have to be commonplace. You can correct a payroll error but it costs time and money to draft a manual check. In a study by Inc, one in three employers have been penalized/fined for payroll errors. When you outsource your Orange County payroll processing to eqHR Solutions, there will be few or no errors because our payroll consultants are professionals who receive ongoing product training.

The hourly cost of our consultants may be higher than your internal designated payroll employee. Your economic benefit (cost savings) is realized from the speed and accuracy of our payroll consultants. By using our outsourcing services, we will process your ADP payroll quicker, off site or at your location, which means dedicated space is not required. In addition to our consultants speed and accuracy, your company no longer pays for breaks, lunches, sick days, holidays, vacations or employee benefits!

As an example, we provided payroll management and bi-weekly payroll processing for a 200+ manufacturing client, using less than 30 consulting hours per month. Through payroll outsourcing, this client was able to reduce their payroll labor cost by 45%.

Wage & Hour violations can cause significant company fines, which is why our consultants current regulatory compliance knowledge is so important. In addition, simple payroll errors can affect employee morale and their confidence in your company.

When you use our payroll processing services, you know that we will properly handle /process your company’s exceptions (new hires, terminations, LOA and merit increase calculations). Plus, we understand wage garnishments, quarterly tax reports, and dealing with your EDD filings.

Our consultants maintain on-going relationships with ADP employees, who can quickly cut through any red tape to resolve an ADP product question or issue.

Perhaps you were not aware that most ADP payroll products have built-in custom reporting. With our assistance you will understand the value of the available monthly / quarterly payroll reports.

As your business grows, a more sophisticated ADP product may be necessary, especially to merge, control and custom reporting with your payroll and HR (employees) information. Because eqHR is a preferred ADP training and implementation vendor, we can provide your company on-site technical and training assistance. ADP does not provide clients on-site product training.

Call us today! Let us provide your company a competitive payroll processing services quote for your weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly or monthly payroll.

For your protection, we maintain professional (E&O) Insurance – $1,000,000 per incident and $2,000,000 aggregate.