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Any business, regardless of its industry is only as successful as its employees. In today’s competitive market you need every advantage and optimizing your employees’ talents can significantly boost your bottom line. So it’s critical that you have the right employees in place inorder to increase your productivity as well as enhance engagement with your customers and clients. Hiring experienced and highly qualified candidates for your organization is important and making certain that potential employee will be the proper fit for your company’s workplace culture is like finding the perfect piece to a puzzle.

A good employee can deliver results, complete their tasks and keep the company moving. But, a great employee can make a significant impact, improve your efficiencies, and drive company growth through their initiative and vision. So how do you find that great employee amongst the thousands of qualified applicants? eqHR Solutions senior level recruiters are here to help. Call us today.

You company probably does not have a dedicated recruiting team, so talent acquisition or recruiting falls to an already over burden manager or the administrative assistance with limited or no recruitment training.

We Deliver Results:

  • Spend Less On Recruiting, Expect MoreYour bottom line is important. That´s why EQHR Solutions works to maximize savings to your recruiting budget. On average, our clients will save up to 50% over traditional recruiters´ percentage based fees.

    Unlike other companies that charge you an established percentage of your employee’s first year salary, we charge a hourly rate for employee recruiting – talent acquisition services, making us the most efficient use of your budgetary resources.

    How much can you save using our services? A fee recruiter typically charges between 12% to 18%, or more, of the candidate’s first year’s salary. Assuming a $65,000 salary, the fee recruiter will charge you between $7,800 and $11,700. Typically, we locate your perfect candidate in 15 to 20 hours. Our recruiting fees would be between $1,950 to $3,250, saving your business between $5,850 and $8,450!
  • Professional Recruiting – Job PostingsFinding the most qualified candidate for your company starts with creating the right job posting and an experienced recruiter. After interviewing your hiring manager to discover your business’s precise work expectations, we create accurate, detailed job postings to find the right professional talent for you from among the thousands of potential applicants. We post your open jobs on today’s most visited job sites, including, and LinkedIn, along with our website, .
  • We Locate The Best Candidate For Your WorkplaceBased on our years of recruiting experience and knowledge, we screen and review the individual strengths of highly qualified candidates to ensure you maintain a strong workforce and more importantly, a cohesive, productive working environment.
  • Skilled – Professional Candidate InterviewsWith more than a decade of experience in skilled interviewing techniques, our talent acquisition recruiters conduct telephone interviews on behalf of your hiring manager. Our expertise of serving the finance, banking, media and tech industries, enables us to select the best candidates for your personnel and executive level management needs. We provide a summary report for each candidate so you can make an informed decision on who is best suited to be interviewed for the position.
  • Employee Background & Reference ChecksSafety in the workplace is one of today’s most pressing business concerns. We offer you the option of obtaining confidential background and employment reference check to flag a potential employee that may be dangerous, unreliable or untrustworthy. We take our due diligence seriously to save you time and money investing in an employee that may otherwise not be suitable or safe to hire.
  • Optional Pre-Employment Behavioral AssessmentsMore than 300,000 business use behavioral assessment, many as part of their recruitment – hiring process to reduce the number of hires who interviewed well, but did not work out.

    Our optional assessments are EEOC approved and will provide your hiring manager with valuable candidate insight. You will understand how, and why, a prospect may perform and the candidate’s core competencies. For many jobs, understanding personal skills is as important as technical skills in producing superior performance.
Veritable Screening

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