Custom California Employee Handbook

You need an employee handbook that’s compliant with California and federal employment laws. However, it’s more than a tool to maintain regulatory compliance. Your handbook communicates the company’s policies and procedures. This helps your staff avoid misunderstandings about responsibilities. It also clarifies aspects of protocol and company culture.

Your management and employees won’t understand rules that aren’t stated. They can’t know every nuance of the protocols that your company needs to employ without being told what they are. There are also legal requirements that may be mandated in your industry or through employment laws. Your staff will not have the legal expertise to maintain compliance without guidance.

Your supervisors at your Orange County business need a custom employee handbook that is federal and CA compliant so that they can confidently fulfill their management roles with staff. It gives them a resource to back up their rulings on things such as employee leave, sexual harassment reporting, termination requirements, paid time off accruals, employee benefits, and any other unique company policies.

The employee handbook also serves a few other purposes. A well-written employee handbook offers an excellent promotional enticement for new and prospective employees. It can list your mission statement, causes you believe in, information about the work environment, benefits, and different aspects of your company culture that make you unique.

California and the federal government also impose mandatory policies that are based on the number of employees you have. If you have a handbook, California and federal regulatory compliance is mandatory.

Human resources professionals and attorneys recommend keeping an up-to-date custom employee handbook to protect your Orange County business. This handbook should detail both the required regulatory policies and the company’s own additional procedures.

Does your business operate in multiple states?

eqHR Solutions provides standalone state handbooks or state addendums for the states with few  employees

eqHR Solutions’ custom employee handbook services

At eqHR, we provide personal guidance on the creation of your employee handbook. We assess any current handbook, review all relevant state and federal laws to verify compliance, and work through the content with you.

If you’re starting without a handbook, we draft your custom employee handbook. This process includes working with your team to make sure the content reflects the needs of your business. We never use a template, because your employees and business deserve concise, relevant protocols.

Our handbook content is reviewed annually by a leading California employment law firm to verify that our clients are always apprised of legal changes that may alter their current processes. We can also provide a multistate handbook for companies with employees across the country.

At eqHR, we understand precisely how important it is for your management and employees to understand the procedures included in your handbook. It protects your company as well as individual employees. That’s why we offer an employee handbook rollout for our clients. During a rollout, our experienced staff member leads a discussion to go over the company policies and answer any questions that your staff might have.

The eqHR custom employee handbook process

At eqHR, we walk you through the custom employee handbook process to make sure that all of your company policies are communicated clearly and effectively. Each company is unique, and we work personally with your staff to make sure the handbook reflects the practices your office keeps in place.

Here is what you can expect in our custom employee handbook process:

  • We review your current handbook and policies and provide your staff with personal guidance to explain the required content and other optional additions.
  • We collaborate with your staff to create a handbook that meets your approval. This means that you have final approval, and we’ll work through as many drafts as necessary for a complete handbook.
  • We verify that all mandatory regulatory content is included, based on your number of employees.
  • We deliver a completed employee manual.
  • We offer an optional rollout presentation for your employees and are available to answer questions and walk them through your policies.

Does your company need to update an existing employee handbook?

If you haven’t updated your employee handbook in two or more years, or if you’ve never created one, now may be a perfect time. An employee handbook should highlight your company strengths, help you manage protocols, and protect your company and its employees legally.

Contact us today for more information on how to get started with a federal and CA compliant custom employee handbook for your Orange County business.