Recognizing and Responding to Unconscious Bias

How well versed are your employees and managers in workplace discrimination?

Often, we hear that managers have a great deal of training and education on standard workplace discrimination issues. What they often lack is unconscious bias training. And there is a difference. 

People see workplace discrimination as these major events. We all know what outright discrimination looks like. But often, people miss the signs of implicit bias because they haven’t been on the receiving end of it.

Each employee in your organization has their own background and set of experiences. They come to the workplace from diverse backgrounds and carry their own religious, political, and cultural affiliations. Society itself is in constant flux. Things that were once common-place are now recognized as being offensive to many people in the world. As an organization, it’s key to recognize that each employee is entitled to respect and fair treatment and that can often mean that training is necessary to recognize and root out situations that can cause discomfort or outright bias.

Companies that recognize these challenges and provide training to eradicate these issues internally hold a competitive edge in building a superior workplace culture of growth, creativity, and support.

Implicit Bias Training | Major Topics Covered

At eqHR, we’ve spent a great deal of time developing training that can shed light on areas of bias in the workplace that management might not readily recognize.

The major topics we cover include:

  • Recognizing Bias in the Workplace
  • A Review of Different Types of Bias and Impact
  • Unconscious Bias and the Associated Financial Costs
  • Understanding Harassment and Discrimination
  • Understanding LGBTQ Terminology
  • Understanding Retaliation and Associated Risks
  • The 10 Best Practices to Promote Compliance and Company Success

Who Should Attend Bias in the Workplace Training?

This training is perfect for all employees. Addressing bias in the workplace is an important topic at every level of company performance and leadership. Even states like California and New York, where extensive harassment prevention training are requirements, can use more training in the larger discussion of unconscious bias. This training is a perfect add-on to the standard harassment prevention training your company may already do regularly.

Why Choose eqHR?

The training comes equipped with challenging scenarios that are perfect for any industry. We also customize the training scenarios to tackle the most challenging concerns in your own organization. For example, we’ve seen companies that struggle to address employee relationships and the potential biases that arise when employees speak English as a second language. We’ve seen more traditional bias where a group of employees or management actively engage in clear cases of gender or race favoritism. 

At eqHR, we include the full training and make certain to spend time in the areas where your company may have blind spots or struggle. We can also customize training for the audience, offering sessions specifically for management and employees based on their roles.

These training sessions are one hour in length and can be taken in person or through the Zoom webinar platform. 

At eqHR, we know how important diversity and inclusion in the modern workplace is for all employees and management. We have paid special attention to ensure that your chosen trainer will be equipped to handle challenging discussions that often arise with these sensitive topics. Our trainers are industry-leading, certified HR experts. Each has a wealth of experience working with companies in a variety of industries.

Are you ready to make sure that your staff is equipped to recognize and eradicate all bias in the workplace? Contact us today.