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Expert Human Resources Consulting for Small to Mid-sized Businesses

When your organization requires Fortune 500-quality human resources consulting at rates small to medium-sized businesses can afford, eqHR is your solution. You'll benefit from working with HR consultants who have a minimum of 15 years of corporate experience as well as former senior-level, Fortune 500 HR executives.

When it comes to human resources, merely keeping track of the compliance requirements is enough to make your head spin. If you're too small to have your own human resources manager, but large enough to struggle with keeping pace with the demands of HR questions; you're the perfect size for eqHR.

From compliance to compensation, insurance, benefits, talent acquisition, recruitment, training, terminations, data analysis, process improvement and more, our experts can help you sidestep HR obstacles and improve the work environment for team members and management alike, at a price that fits your budget.

The many categories of HR services can be confusing. To assist you, the significant categories are shown below. Our individual HR & payroll services are listed on the HR Services page. Since the call is free, we urge you to call Today & take advantage of our Free Consultation.

Strategic Human Resources Planning
Are you a member of senior management or the board of directors and are seeking assistance to develop strategic HR plans? eqHR consultants have developed several strategic plans, such as creating internal HR infastructure, recruitment initiatives, management & staff compensation plans, workforce reduction (RIF), due diligence (Mergers & Acquisitions), etc. Call today to discuss how eqHR can help you develop your strategic plans.

Human Resources Compliance
Just one employee complaint can initiate an investigation with the EEOC or the California DFEH, resulting in fines and penalties. When was your company's last human resources compliance audit? Both Federal and CA employment rules change often. For example, are you aware of the modification to the CA Paid Sick Leave effecting every CA business? An HR assessment audit begins a review of your job descriptions, employment application, employee files and perhaps the most important, the employee handbook. Call today to schedule your HR Audit.

Tactical (Daily) Human Resources Events
Are you, like many executives & supervisors, faced with daily employment issues and employee questions? Many employment issues / questions require current HR knowledge to avoid potential business liability. For example, how and when to investigate a discrimination, sexual harassment or bully claim should be guided by an trained HR professional. Call today to discuss when professional HR consulting is recommended to avoid employment claims.

"Management Training and Development"
Whether your business is mandated or not, the prevention of Sexual Harassment training and the new Anti-Bully training requirement will reduce your potential business liability. Management/ supervisor training classes will improve your managers' efficiency, which normally increases profitability. Our training classes are live and conducted at your location

Outsource Your HR Responsibilities
Did you know that HR outsourcing is a practice used by nearly 6 out of 10 organizations? Why? Off-loading the daily human resources responsibilities allows you to focus on the task of growing your business.

What You Don't Know Can Hurt You

Many business owners have a limited understanding of the myriad of California and federal HR regulations. Plus, they do not have the time or internal HR resources. eqHR seamlessly fills the gaps in your internal human resource knowledge by acting as your professional HR adviser to help solve any HR problems. We ensure your organization is protected and operating efficiently, by offering a comprehensive 100+ point human resources assessment to identify potential business risks and regulatory violations.

Managing human capital, employment laws, compliance, training, paperwork, proper documentation and employee grievances can distract executives from focusing on the business. As your HR consulting advocate, we'll help you relieve the burden of HR management so your executive team can focus on your future.

If your business has five to 250 employees and is located in Orange, Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego or San Francisco counties, contact us today for a free consultation. You'll quickly discover how we can alleviate time-consuming HR responsibilities while helping you support your HR compliance / assessment and remain compliant.