Payroll Services to Improve Your Bottom Line

Payroll is more than just printing a check to your employees. Companies spend a great deal of time and expense in the process of maintaining this task. In addition, mistakes can be costly. If there are any errors in payroll, it can impact taxes, employee morale, compliance and staff-hours it can take to find and correct any errors can be extensive. The best solution, of course, is having an experienced and top-of-the-line payroll staff.

We have over 15 years of experience in assisting a wide range of businesses with their payroll processing, payroll audits, training and system conversions, and are a preferred ADP vendor. With expertise in implementing, processing ADP, Paychex, and Paycom to name a few, we are available to train internal staff to better master the process, function as a backup payroll processor and/or provide payroll consultation.

EQHR Payroll Services

For businesses, it’s essential the staff handling payroll is well trained and equipped for changes in payroll taxes or resolve potential issues. There are regulatory compliance considerations that need to be met, and, of course, your employees rely on correct and timely payroll. 

Here’s how eqHR can help:

  • Payroll Processing. At eqHR, our consultants are experienced in a wide range of software, including ADP, Paychex, Paycom, and Paylocity. We offer full payroll processing services to offset this burden from your staff. 
  • Payroll System Training. We offer payroll system training to help your staff master the payroll system in the shortest time possible. This option is beneficial for companies with limited time or manpower to train existing or new staff. 
  • Payroll Audits. With today’s class action litigation, payroll meal and rest break audits are a necessary function, and you want the most accurate information and expertise. Outsourcing your payroll audits allows for an unbiased look at your payroll processes, the accuracy in your accounting, and an overview of your employee-related expenditures. Payroll audits should be conducted regularly.

Payroll System Conversions. Switching from one payroll system to another can be stress-inducing. But upgrading to software or a platform that is more in line with your business needs will mean better productivity and efficiency once the new system is launched. Let our experts ease the process.