Sexual Harassment & Bully Prevention & Gender Identity
Training Protects Your Organization

Sexual harassment and Bully prevention training is recommended for all businesses to reduce potential liability and claims. California businesses with 50+ employees are required to provide a minimum of two hours of sexual harassment, bully prevention and gender identity/expression, and sexual for supervisors (AB1825 & AB2053 & SB396) every two years. New supervisors are required to have sexual harassment training within six months.

During the past several years, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) closed over 7,256 sexual harassment and bullying claims nationwide, resulting in $44 million in fines and lawsuit settlements. Last year, over 30,000 employee complaints were filed in California alone!

Educate Your Employees for a Harassment and Bully 
Free Workplace Environment

Sexual harassment and bully training will reduce employee mistreatment and workplace harassment claims within your organization. What’s more, you’ll be poised to grow a business where your employees are proud to work, while significantly reducing your liability in the area of harassment, discrimination and bullying.

Our sexual harassment / bullying prevention training classes are offered in English and Spanish and, are available for your staff (non-supervisors) employees. Our training includes:

  • Training led by a certified instructor, either via a webinar or at your location, in Orange, Los Angeles, Riverside, or San Diego counties.
  • Focus on practical knowledge and the prevention of sexual harassment, discrimination and bullying prevention rather than simply memorizing answers in order to pass a test.
  • Our class criteria exceeds the CA required sexual harassment, discrimination & bully prevention training requirements (AB1825 & AB2053 & SB396)
  • Group discussions – based on the participants needs and concerns.
  • Active participation of attendees consistently throughout the program.
  • Actual harassment case studies disussed
  • Help supervisors identify and avoid known pitfalls for not reacting to workplace harassment / discrimination / bullying.
  • Workplace Discrimination and Harassment defined and discussed with actual examples.
  • What are “Protected classes” under California and federal law.
  • How does Vicarious and Strict Liability apply to employers and supervisors.
  • The practical handling of sexual harassment claims filed by males or females; employees or vendors.
  • What is Quid Pro Quo harassment?

We offer both, on site and webinar, live engaging sexual harassment/bully prevention training for supervisors or staff in English or Spanish. On site training is available in Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside and San Diego Counties.

In a recent survey, 27% of Americans reported that they have suffered abusive conduct, harassment or discrimination at their workplace. How do we stop this epidemic of workplace harassment, bullying and employee discrimination?

Social scientist Dr. Eden King gave her professional recommendation that the best type of instructionis: “Training which is live, rather than done on a computer … and includes role-playing that puts the trainee in the place of a stigmatized co-worker, when combined with specific goal setting by a mentor or supervisor, can have the greatest effect.”

Join one of our many clients, Lionsgate Entertainment, a leading global movie and television entertainment company) and call to schedule your on-site AB1825 / AB2053 / SB396 training today.

Did you know that all businesses with five or more employees in California must develop written anti-discrimination and harassment policies in accordance with new FEHA regulations, and provide each employee the Department of Fair Employment & Housing (DFEH) sexual harassment brochure 185.

In addition, employers must prove they disseminated their anti-discrimination and harassment policies to their employees. Also, if you workforce is comprised of 10% or more of non-native English speaking employees, the anti-discrimination and harassment policies must be issues in those languages.

To learn more about this regulation, review our article, “Are You Prepared for the New FEHA regulations”

When your business needs to fulfill its California AB1825 / AB2053 legal requirement or has a specific concern, contact us for a free quote for sexual harassment, bully prevention or other types of employee or management training.