Training & Development
What is your choice – train now or pay up to 9.5 million dollars in fines later?

Prevention of sexual harassment training for managers is mandatory by law every two years, but training all employees is also beneficial. You may be surprised to know that most employees do not understand what is considered sexual harassment nor what they should do, say or whom to report the incident to if they believe they have observed harassment or are a victim of harassment.

Of course, training is much more than the prevention of expensive sexual harassment claims. Training will lessen your turnover and lower your new hire costs by training with our technical, leadership, management and moral building curricula.

Have employees resigned, but you do not know why? Good employees will leave if they do not feel appreciated. Could your managers benefit from refresher courses in management on managing daily employee interaction, employee appreciation techniques and win-win performance review sessions?

Employees are your organization’s competitive advantage. Training and development enables employees to develop skills and the competencies necessary to enhance your company’s bottom line.

During the training and development procedures and exercises implemented by EQHR, you will reduce potential lawsuits and increase your employee retention and implement good hiring practices.

• Prevention of Sexual & General Harassment Training for managers and non-mangers

• Hire the Right Employee – How to Conduct Effective New Hire Interviews

• Retain Good Employees – Effective Attendance Discussions

• Improve Employees with Potential – Effective Performance Discussions

• Help New Managers Build a Successful Team – Employee Relations – Team Building Training

• Custom design curriculum available