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California Sexual Harassment &
Bully Prevention Training

If your workplace has five or more employees, you are required by California law to provide sexual harassment and workplace bullying training. Find out what's required to meet California's new law, which takes effect January 1, 2020, and how eqHR can help.

What Is California's New Sexual Harassment Law?

Under SB 1343, California employers with five or more employees are legally mandated to provide sexual harassment training within the first six months of hire, and every two years thereafter. The law requires that all employees receive at least one hour of sexual harassment training and supervisory employees receive at least two hours of training from a qualified trainer.

SB 778 was signed into law on August 30, 2019 by the Governor. The new law extends the required staff and supervisor harassment prevention trainng to from January 1, 2020 to January 1, 2021. However, in accordance with AB 1825, all new supervisory employees still need to receive the required two-hour harassment prevention trainingt within 6 months of their hire date, even if that timeline falls in calendar year 2019.

California required sexual harassment training programs cover the definition of sexual harassment, examples of unwanted behaviors, workplace bully prevention tactics, and sexual harassment reporting and resources for workers who have faced bullying or harassment on the job.

While sexual harassment training may be required by state law, it's also beneficial for employees and employers. Workplace bullying and harassment creates a toxic working environment, which can increase churn as unhappy workers look for the nearest exit. Companies often become caught in an expensive cycle of hiring and training because the underlying problem of poor workplace culture is never addressed. If someone does file a sexual harassment claim, the company must defend the claim and their reputation, at great cost.

Get Training From eqHR

eqHR Solutions Is Your Trusted Source for California Required Sexual Harassment Training in English or Spanish! We offer onsite and webinar live sexual harassment and bullying training. Our experienced team offers:

  • Live Interactive and engaging training using discussions and videos to spark engagement and learning
  • Real-world talk by HR professional with experience and thorough understanding of the issues
  • Comprehensive explanation of state laws and cases, to help recognize and address sexual harassment, workplace bullying, and gender identity
  • Discussion of actual examples and court cases, to increase understanding and employees' skill sets to enable them to defuse workplace bullying and address sexual harassment

What's Covered in Our Sexual Harassment Training Program

Our Sexual Harassment and Workplace Bully Prevention Training program covers:

  • California case law on sexual harassment
  • Definition of a hostile work environment and retaliatory behaviors
  • Definitions of workplace supervisors
  • Employers' obligations for correcting offending behaviors
  • Gender identity, gender expression, and sexual orientation harassment
  • How bullying and harassment negatively affect the workplace
  • How to handle claims of harassment against a workplace supervisor
  • Practical, real-world examples of bullying and harassment
  • Relevant legal definitions of sexual harassment under state and federal laws
  • Resources for sexual harassment victims
  • Sexual harassment complaints and confidentiality concerns
  • Supervisors' reporting obligation for sexual harassment claims
  • Types of behaviors that are considered to be sexual harassment and workplace discrimination
  • Ways to prevent sexual harassment

Our supervisors training covers all the California laws affecting harassment and bully prevention, including California SB 1343, California AB 1825, California AB 2053, and California SB 396. Whether you choose onsite or webinar training, our experienced trainers allow ample time for workplace harassment and bullying questions and answers, which ensures that your employees adequately understand the issues, their rights and responsibilities, and ways to prevent bullying and sexual harassment in the workplace.

eqHR is your California required sexual harassment training expert, with bilingual training provided by HR Generalist with 15+ years of experience working with multiple types of businesses. We serve Southern California and San Francisco with onsite training offered in Los Angeles County, Orange County, Riverside Country, and San Diego County.

To get an estimate for pricing or talk more our comprehensive sexual harassment and bullying training, call today.