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California HR Professionals – 2019 To Dos

Posted on February 19, 2019

California HR Professionals – 2019 To Dos

As the new year begins it’s an excellent time to look ahead and prepare yourself for the year ahead. Below is a list of to-dos to get you ready for the new year:

  • Devise a plan to ensure that all supervisors receive 2 hours and all non-supervisors receive 1 hour of anti-harassment training
  • Review all settlement and confidentiality agreements to ensure compliant with new legislation limiting prohibitions of disclosing information
  • Ensure that policies address all types of harassment claims against non-employees
  • Review all independent contractors to ensure compliant with the ABC test
  • Add policy to Handbook prohibiting off the clock work
  • Add policy to Handbook prohibit recording conversations, phone calls, images, or Company meetings with any recording device, or capturing videos or images using cellular telephones, cameras, and other similar devices without prior approval
  • Review compensation to ensure new California minimum wage is being paid (note: this is CA, other local ordinances may apply)

Over 25 EmployeesUnder 25 Employees






  • Update new hire packets to ensure using the newly issued unemployment insurance and Paid Family Leave pamphlets
  • Update employment postings including minimum wage and Workplace Discrimination and Harassment
  • Begin compiling information for the Cal/OSHA Work-Related Injuries and Illnesses log. The 300A summary must be posted from February 1 to April 30 in a visible area at each job location
  • Remember ACA deadlines:
ACA RequirementDeadline

1095 forms delivered to employees

March 4 (extended from Jan 31)

1094 Paper filing with IRS

Feb. 28

1094 Electronic filing with IRS

April 1
  • Review record retention guidelines and purge/destroy sensitive records
  • Move terminated employee records to storage
  • Separate I9s for terminated employees to separate binder/folder
  • Review job descriptions for accuracy and update
  • Ask employees to verify address, beneficiary, W-4 and emergency contact information
  • If you provide front loaded paid sick leave on January 1, be sure new balance shows on the first paystub of the year

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