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California’s One Day of Rest in Seven Law

Posted on July 25, 2017

Most non-exempt employees in California are entitled to one day of rest in seven, but there has been some confusion among employers in how that seven-day period should be measured.

On May 8, the California Supreme Court delivered some good news for employers: The day of rest must be given in a workweek, not on a rolling basis for any consecutive seven-day period.

This means that if an employer’s workweek runs from Sunday to Saturday, it’s not a problem for an employee to be scheduled to work every day from Wednesday to Wednesday— even though that’s more than seven consecutive days of work.

The court ruling gives work-scheduling flexibility to employers by saying that employees must average no less than one day of rest for every seven days over the course of a calendar month.

The California Supreme Court also clarified that part-time employees are exempt from the day of rest requirements if they never work more than six hours in any day of the workweek.

Employers should:

  • Review scheduling policies to ensure that they comply with the requirement to provide one day of rest in a seven-day workweek
  • Designate the workweek. If an employer does not set a designated workweek, the law presumes a workweek of 12:01 a.m. Sunday to midnight Saturday.
  • Ensure all part-time workers are provided a day of rest if they work more than six hours on any one day of the workweek
  • Remember overtime and double-time pay requirements apply if an employee does work seven consecutive days in a workweek:
  • Train supervisors that they’re not to encourage employees or pressure employees to take on extra shifts and work a seven-day workweek. Similarly, train supervisors not to retaliate against employees who don’t want to work on the seventh day.

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