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Considering Abolishing Employees Performance Review?

Posted on January 22, 2017

There is a new trend among employers to abolish the performance review in their organization. Both managers and employees complain about the annual ritual and many employers have said “enough!”

Managers complain about the time it takes to complete reviews, despite the implementation of technology and other efforts to make the process more efficient.

A problem we often see is that most managers don’t like being honest with employees about their shortcomings or areas where they may need improvement!

Employees often find the process awkward, being summoned to the bosses office to review their last year of work. The problem can become compounded when the manager cannot facilitate a meaningful conversation about the employee’s performance and productivity over the year.

As we begin the new year, here are some reasons why you should keep the performance review:

Employees Have the Opportunity to:

  1. Have a clear picture of what is expected of them
  2. Discuss priorities
  3. Receive feedback on their performance
  4. Be heard and respected
  5. Be offered constructive guidance on attaining agreed upon goals
  6. Receive help in constructing personal development plans and targets
  7. Take ownership for their performance.

Managers will use the Employee Review Discussion as an Opportunity to:

  1. Learn at first hand about the way the employee works and performs
  2. Get a better understanding of the employee’s potential and needs
  3. Motivate the employee
  4. Develop a consistent approach to guidance and encouragement
  5. Tackle problems more effectively
  6. Improve the communication process

Reviews are often the basis for determining compensation, justifying terminations, formalizing career development plans, and identifying top talent for succession planning. When done right, the review provides a consistent and objective method of evaluating all these areas.

Reviews provide an opportunity not only for managers to look backward to the performance of the prior year, but also to look forward to developmental opportunities in the coming year.

Employers should continue to provide this opportunity to both the managers and employees to not only reflect upon the prior year but to plan for the new year.

Lauren Sims is the author and a Principal HR Consultant with eqHR Solutions.

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