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Do You Know the Required California New Hire Forms?

Posted on April 12, 2016

Required Forms and Pamphlets for New Hires in California.

Get off on the right foot and ensure that you are giving all your new hires the proper forms and pamphlets on their first day. Below we have provided a list and explanation of the forms and pamphlets that must be given to newly hired employees in California:


□   I-9 – must be completed and verified within 3 business days of the Employee’s start date
□   Insurance Exchange Notice (ACA) – All Employers subject to FLSA must provide a notice to all new employees of their coverage options under the Affordable Care Act (ACA). There are 2 notices, 1 for employers who offer coverage, 1 for employers who do not offer coverage. For sample notices, got to the Department of Labor website: http://www.dol.gov/ebsa/healthreform/regulations/coverageoptionsnotice.html


□   Offer letter – Offer letters serve as a legal basis for employment and can be valuable documents if there are future questions or issues
□   Employment application – Applications allow employers to consistently gather the same data in the same format from each prospective employee. The also collect information that isn’t on a resume such as reasons candidates left a prior employer, felony or misdemeanor crime convictions, and names and contact information for references. Applications also obtain the applicant’s signature attesting that all statements on the employment application are true.


□   W-4 – Required by the IRS to set up tax withholding in payroll for federal income tax.
□   DE6 CA State tax form – Required by state tax agencies to set up tax withholding in payroll for California state income tax.

California Brochures and Notices (click form ID to view)

□   DE 2511– Paid Family Leave Pamphlet:
□   DE 2515 – State Disability Insurance Pamphlet:□   DFEH 185 Facts About Sexual Harassment Pamphlet:
□  DFEH 188 – California Family Rights Act (CFRA) Pamphlet:
□   DE 1857 – California Unemployment Notice:
□   LC 2810.5 – Wage Theft notice:
□   Worker’s Compensation “Time of Hire” Pamphlet:

All pamphlets and brochures can be found in Spanish and other languages on the websites shown above.

California employers face many challenges in ensuring compliance with employment laws, this checklist provides you a guideline to ensure you have the proper foundation for all your new hires.

Lauren Sims, a Senior HR Generalist, prepared this article.

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