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EQHR Solutions | The Human Resource Consultants in Los Angeles

Posted on January 25, 2022

EQHR Solutions | The Human Resource Consultants in Los Angeles

If you’re looking to streamline operations and enhance HR procedures, it’s time to outsource to one of the top human resource consultants in Los Angeles. eqHR Solutions offers high-quality and cost-efficient HR services tailored specifically to your company’s needs.

We specialize in building ongoing relationships with our clients, providing actionable recommendations to improve operations in any size business and industry.

Here’s how:

eqHR’s Comprehensive Services

Unlike most human resource services in Los Angeles, we offer an extensive range of services intended to promote education and growth within a company. Not only can we fulfill short-term tactical needs, but we also provide ongoing expertise to help with long-term strategic planning.

Here are the HR consulting services we offer:

  • Employee Relations: Worker satisfaction reflects directly on their performance— both internally and within customer relations. Our services aim to create a successful culture by benchmarking your current situation and providing recommendations on how to improve.

  • Assessments/Audits: Conducting regular audits of your HR business procedures provides the information required to identify and mitigate your HR risk so that your company can avoid claims and penalties. eqHR evaluates whether your current compliance practices are adequate, identifying potential risks and recommending changes to create effective policies within your business.

  • Compensation & Benefits: Businesses thrive within a high-performance culture—we specialize in enhancing efficiency by integrating performance and reward practices that drive results without increasing costs.

  • Employee Handbooks: Employee handbooks are more than just a tool to maintain regulatory compliance— they’re also a way to define company culture, protocol and responsibilities. We’ll assess your current handbook or help you create one to clarify processes in the most effective way.

  • Infrastructure Development & Optimization: It’s imperative to prioritize the structure of your HR staff or department. Our goal is to help you understand HR functions, build a plan, train your staff and provide consulting services as your company expands.

  • Employee Investigations: Costly lawsuits can be the difference between a company thriving or ending, and you might not realize the risks posed in your current state. We’ll help you conduct a thorough investigation of employee relations, establish superior hiring practices and maintain compliance within termination policies.

  • Recruiting & Talent Acquisition: A business is only as successful as its employees, and employees are most successful in the right seat. We offer professional recruiting services at a fraction of a typical recruiter’s costs, locating the best cultural, experience and skills-based fit for your business.

Work With Top Human Resource Consultants in Los Angeles

Our HR consultants are fortune 500 trained, with 15+ years of experience working multiple types and size businesses. Whether you’re looking for temporary support or an ongoing strategic partner, we can help.

Learn more about our services, or contact us for a free consultation.