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Planning for New Hires Success

Posted on November 9, 2018

30/60/90 Day New Hire Plan

The purpose of crating a 30/60/90 Day Plan for your new employees is to increase employee engagement and retention.

The plan is a strategic outline of the job expectations for the new employee over the first 90 days. The plan clearly communicates training, culture, and planning for the future to the employee allowing them to easily transition from “the new person” to a full-on contributor to the team and company.

The below guidelines are designed to aid you in setting up your new hires for success and what you should consider when setting up goals for each month.

30 – Days

The goals at this stage are to ensure the employee is aware of their responsibilities and expectations and is building relationships.

  • Schedule and conduct regularly occurring one-on-one meetings. 
  • Continue to provide timely, ongoing, meaningful “everyday feedback.” 
  • Elicit feedback from the employee and be available to answer questions. 
  • Discuss performance and professional development goals. Give employee an additional assignment. 
  • Provide an extended roadmap that sets clear goals for the first months, so they will know what to expect. Don’t neglect to sit down with them and discuss their progress frequently. 

60 – Days

The goals at this stage should focus more on collaboration and taking on more responsibilities.

  • Have employee collaborate with other teams while starting to “contribute to the conversation” more often 
  • Ask employee to identify issues or pain points with the roles-develop plans to address and fix the issues 
  • Set up a regular meeting schedule with teams and manager going forward 
  • Get feedback from other managers, co-workers and senior managers on employee’s progress 
  • Continue having regularly occurring one-on-one meetings. 
  • Meet for informal two-month performance check-in. 
  • Continue giving employee assignments that are challenging yet doable. 
  • Ask if needed training is completed. 

90 – Days

The goals at this stage are focused on independence. As the employee starts taking on more responsibilities and working on bigger projects, they need to be more accountable for their work.

  • Assign projects employee can work on independently 
  • Continue to be upfront about expectation and hold employees more accountable for their work 
  • Provide feedback about goals/metrics/KPIs going forward 
  • Celebrate successes and recognition of employee’s contributions. 
  • Have a conversation with employee about his/her experience at the company to date: 
    • Extent to which the employee’s expectations of the role align with reality. 
    • Extent employee’s skills and knowledge are being utilized and ways to better utilize them; what’s working, what they need more of, etc. 
  • Begin discussing the year ahead. 
  • Discuss employee’s professional development goals and identify relevant learning opportunities. 

Lauren Sims is the article’s author and the Director of Human Resources.

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