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Welcome our New Client – SW Forage

Posted on March 9, 2016

We are pleased to introduce a new client, SW Forage, a commerical, year round, hay bailing and transportation company headquartered in Washington State.

SW Forage opened their new Hesperia, CA location in November and quickly determined the California employment and payroll requirements are substantially more restrictive from Washington State. The local general manager call us for HR help.

Our HR services include:

  1. HR Compliance/Policies and Procedures
    • Conduct HR Needs Assessment
    • Develop a California & Federal Compliant Handbook for <49 employees
      • Vetted by leading CA employment law firm
    • Establish core California Compliant Human Resources policies:
      • e.g., Hiring, disciplinary and termination policy
  2. Payroll Compliance for California
    • Review Current process / reporting
    • Communicate with parent company of specific California requirements
  3. Ongoing HR Support (optional):
    • Phone / Email and On-site visits on an as needed basis
      • Employee relations support, assist in counseling employees, coaching management, termination, unemployment hearings, etc.
      • General Q&A

If you require assistance with your human resouces or payroll compliance, contact us today for an no obligaton consultation