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eqHR is an Authorized ADP On-Site Training Firm

Posted on July 18, 2014

ADP does not offer on-site training for many of their high quality payroll / HR products and it is not cost effective for small to medium size clients to maintain permanent ADP product training staff.

Since there is a natural overlap of payroll and human resources services, we have been working closely with ADP representatives to help solve their client’s needs. This month, we were added to the list of ADP approved consultants for on-site product training and implementation

eqHR consultants can provide ADP product expertise to solve your training and implementation issues to maximize the investment of your ADP products. In just a few hours, eqHR consultants, can fully implement your ADP product, train your staff, and/or create custom reporting templates than can be used repeatedly.

eqHR can reduce your payroll expense – Outsource your payroll data entry to eqHR Solutions. Keying payroll is not a full time position. We have clients in Los Angeles and Orange Counties with 15 to 300 employees, who are saving significantly after outsourcing their ADP payroll data entry function.